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Over the years The Himalayan Odyssey has arranged walking holidays for trekking to Manaslu Circuit in Nepal. We are a specialist operator organizing Himalayan treks all over Nepal. Manaslu Circuit is a lodge-based trek where you stay in a Nepalese teahouse for every night of the trek. From our first-hand experience, we have listed some tips to increase your chances of reaching Manaslu Circuit Trek below.

Trekking to the Manaslu Circuit Trek is a dream of every adventure lover. However, the trip is not a smooth ride. There are many things you need to keep in mind before your trip to the Himalayas in Nepal. You need to prepare yourself both mentally and physically; you need the right trekking gear for the trip and choose the most suitable itinerary, and you need to consider many other things. We have made a list of 10 successful tips for Manaslu Circuit Trek. Even though those tips are titled for Manaslu Circuit Trek, they are also suitable for various other trekking like Annapurna Base Camp, Everest Base Camp, or other trails.

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Choose the professional & right operator for you

For your best travel package and an amazing holiday experience in Nepal, you should see the right operator for you. There are more than 3 thousand agencies are registered in Nepal so finding the right one may be difficult for you. You work hard and come to vacation for a well-deserved reward, so make sure to find the right company to make your trekking memorable.

To find the right company you can see the review and testimonials from previous clients. Some testimonials may include a review’s email and you can inquire just to make sure about the company. Most people may be busy with everyday life but some reviewers may respond to you with useful information.

Choose a suitable itinerary

While you are choosing are designing the itinerary there should be enough days for the rest in the high altitude. Do not start your trek directly from the high terrain when you are traveling to the bus. Remember that you are ascending to the altitude of 5,106 m where there is about half of the pressure of oxygen compared to sea level. Anyone can acclimatize to this level but you need to slow down and give your body time to adopt.

So it is the main reason that you shouldn’t try to minimize the number of days which have high altitude terrains. Some try to shorten the trek for commercial reasons to sell more holidays so be careful with that. Our Manaslu Cirucit Trek has 16 days from arrival to Kathmandu to departure.

Walk at your own pace

Trekking doesn’t require great skill. Basically, if you can walk you will be able to hike. There are some basic tips to trek Manaslu Circuit Trek. Just as a long-distance runner does not sprint until he is tired and then walks along, you need to pace yourself while trekking.

Always walk slowly and do not leave at your own pace. You should slow your walking pace compared to your normal speed. This gives your body time to adapt to the environment and you do not get tired fast. If you have a 7-mile hike and 4 hours to complete it, then planning a bit more than 2 miles/hour. Maintaining your own pace also keeps your energy reserved for a longer period of time. 

Prepare yourself mentally

When you think of going on trekking, questions about wildlife, people’s nature, no bathing, food, water, and no cell treatment often command. So, when you are going into the mountains on a long-distance trek then you will need to mentally build your mental toughness. Understanding and accepting these differences is the first move to mental preparation. In reality, it is very difficult to actually know what awaits on your trek.

So you should prepare yourself for the life in the mountains. Hopefully, if you are going to Manaslu Circuit, you are a true nature lover and loves mountain lives. If you are not used to the rugged conditions then you should prepare yourself for what is to come. All the food and accommodation in Manaslu Circuit are provided by the local Sherpa people. There are options of showers in the lower part but as you ascend higher you may have to pay extra for the shower.

Build your fitness level before departure

Getting in shape before trekking is an important tip for Successful Trek to Manaslu Circuit Trek. Being fit before the trek will increase the chance of completing the Manaslu CIrcuit and enjoy the beauty. You do not have to be muscular or super fit.

You can do the basic aerobic exercise at least 2 times per week. You can also visit the gym, or go jogging or swimming which helps to build your stamina. A small amount of daily exercise is the best way to increase your fitness level. With the right training before Manaslu Circuit Trek, and mental preparation you can easily complete this moderate trek.

Pack wisely and avoid excess

Whether this is your first trip or you have trekked before, it is always important to pack wisely. Being temporarily away from the home means that you cannot go over to the store and buy the stuff you need. So, you have to take your own essential things while doing a trek in an exotic landscape.

It is necessary to carry the right items for your trek. Do not neglect essential items, and definitely don't take too much as you may have to pay an extra fee for porters.

Acclimatization is Key

Enough acclimatization is another best tip for the successful trek in Manalsu Circuit. Acclimatization to the high altitude is the best way to adapt your body. On the Manaslu Circuit Trek, we have two acclimatization days. One is acclimatization day in Samagaon and another is in Samdo.

If you want to have a safe and successful trek, take time to acclimatize. You may not like the trip which is done in a rush and this is the main reason that people are not successful of the trek.

Keep well hydrated

Water is your best friend at high altitudes especially when you are trekking. Keeping yourself hydrated at altitude is extremely important. You must drink fluids during the day and night to stay hydrated. At higher altitudes, you will have a higher breathing time even when at rest so you lose extra moisture especially as the air is dry.

We suggest you that, drink at least 3-4 liters of water a day. You should also make sure to drink more fluids during meal times. It is a good idea to add electrolytes to your water. If you follow this habit, you will resist altitude sickness and have yourself feeling good during the trip.

Choose the best months for a trek to Manaslu Circuit Trek

The best months for trekking to Manaslu Circuit are March to May and September to December. It is feasible to trek in September although there is a risk of cloudy weather if there is a late ending of the monsoon. March can also be a great time but it may be colder and there may be winter snows still at higher altitudes.

Having the right personal equipment for a high altitude trek
Having the right gear is essential for your trek into Manaslu Circuit. However, if you sign up for one of our trips, we will give you detailed information about the right gear. The weather varies from altitude to altitude so you should pack wark cloth for the night.

At the initial phase of the trek, you will experience warm conditions with temperatures up to 20 Celsius. So, you can wear thin clothes at a lower altitude. You experience the coldest temperatures in Dharmasala and Larkey La. Overnight lows here will be dropping to around -15 Celsius. The weather varies from season to season and day to day as you ascend to higher elevations. 


Frequently Asked Questions

How difficult is it to trek to Manaslu Circuit Trek?

Manaslu Circuit Trek is simply one long trek in Nepal with enough challenges to be surpassed. Many trekkers want to seek the high altitude passes and the lap of gigantic mountains. However, there are no easy roads into Manaslu Circuit Trek and every person seeking to view mountains from close will need to trek there. While calculating the Manaslu Circuit Trek Difficulty, it is regarded as one of the medium to somehow hard in some part of the trial.
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Which is the best season to trek to Manaslu Circuit Trek?

Nepal contains a diverse landscape with different geographical conditions. This is the main reason to visit Nepal throughout the year. Nepal boasts all tropical as well as alpine weather conditions. So, if you are thinking of visiting Nepal you can schedule throughout the year. But, generally March to May and September to December is the best season to trek Manalsu Circuit Trek.

How is the food in Manaslu Circuit?

As much as we would love the beautiful mountain scenery while trekking. No scene will give you energy for the next best scene if your tummy is not full and your body is not hydrated. Besides, foods and drinks are basically the most essential aspects of trekking. Foods and drinks on the Manaslu Circuit Trek are similar to what you find on Nepal’s other popular treks however options are more varied compared to treks like Annapurna Circuit or Everest Base Camp.
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