The Himalayan Odyssey Treks came to life when two men from different walks of life met. One man knew the lay of the land. He had been serving in the travel & tours industry for the past 15 years. In those 15 years, he’d led expeditions to many peaks/summits in Nepal – Everest, Annapurna, Manaslu, Ama Dablam – to name a few. He was well acquainted with many trekking and travel destinations in Nepal. The other had a few management skills under his belt. He’d traveled the world, mingled with people across different cultures, gained experience in many workplaces, and more importantly – understood the importance of providing good customer service. He knew how to put everything together, put a bow tie around it and offer it to the world.

The Himalayan Odyssey was established in 2017 with the purpose of providing both fixed and custom packages to various travel destinations within Nepal. From 6000ers to 8000ers, scenic trekking destinations, to white water rafting and cycling through gorges and cliffs around the rugged terrain of Nepal, there's basically nothing we know how to say no to when it comes to making our customers happy

Since 2018, the team has grown to a total of 15 with 4 of us in the management and over 10 team leaders. Together, with the help of support staff, we want to show the world what Nepal has to offer and make sure our guests have the experience of a lifetime, and that their trip to Nepal is not only a journey but an odyssey, The Himalayan Odyssey.