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Few things encourage me to be a joy as being in the outdoors and I inspire everyone to get out on a trek to refresh both their soul and mind. It is not so complicated as a first-timer might imagine. But it is after all the rugged trails and hills. And there may be any kind of walks including enjoyable, demanding, and nature walks to experience the floras and faunas.

Wishing to explore the Nepal Himalayas, but not sure where to start? The awe-inspiring journey of Manaslu Circuit is a life-changing experience. Trekking through beautiful nature, passing over the high-altitude Himalayas, and seeing hospitable local people will leave you speechless. Overall, with natural beauty, there is a cultural gift to investigate as well. Thus, one should not wait on doing the Manaslu Circuit Trek.

Even though those tips are titled for Manaslu Circuit Trek, they are also suitable for various other trekking like Annapurna Base Camp, Everest Base Camp, or other trails. Here are some Helpful Tips for Manaslu Circuit Trek that can help make an experience in the Nepal Himalayas. It may not be a whole list, but a great point of reference to start from.

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Design or Select Suitable Itinerary

Do your interests be in centuries-old culture with hospitable local people or do remote Nepal Himalayan trek appeal? If you want to trek through luxuriant forests with high-altitude land then consider exploring Manaslu Circuit. For spectacular mountain views, the trekked trails are on par with the best in the Himalayas.

Above all, you shouldn’t try to minimize the number of days which have high altitude terrains. Allow plenty of free days for acclimatization, harsh weather, village festivals, or catching an extra day to appreciate a charming view. Knowing the Himalayas would take lifetimes to complete, so do not expect to master the mountains on a single trip. Some try to shorten the trek for commercial reasons to sell more holidays so be careful with that. Our Manaslu Circuit Trek has 16 days from arrival to Kathmandu to departure.

Choose the best time for the trek

Manaslu Circuit Trek is feasible for all 12 months of the year. But the most enjoyable time in terms of weather circumstances and views is in the Spring and Autumn season. It is feasible to trek in September although there is a risk of cloudy weather if there is a late ending of the monsoon. March can also be a great time but it may be colder and there may be winter snows still at higher altitudes. These seasons are also the most hectic times on the trail. Summer/Monsoon and winter are quieter because of off-seasons. 

Due to extreme weather conditions, trekking during these seasons includes facing some trouble on the trek. The Himalayas are subject to a weather pattern so complex that even experienced travelers can find themselves caught out. The Manaslu Region is subject to heavy monsoon rains so avoid July and August if feasible.

Go with a professional trekking company

Choosing the best and most professional trekking company adds more value to your holiday. This can be designing the package according to your preference, or experienced mountain guide, or medical supplies. It is compulsory to choose a trekking company in Manalsu Circuit as this trek lies inside a restricted area.

The best tip for Manaslu Circuit Trek is to go with a professional trek company. Manaslu Circuit Trek, with its title as the most famed trekking region and restricted area, there are tons of beautiful landscapes and scenic views to see. From succeeding minor details to major, trekking companies will assure trekkers have a smooth journey in the Himalayas.

  • Look for someone who is well informed about the area and has knowledge of organizing treks there.
  • Ask about the variety of food the operator offers. The food can be local and basic like dal-rice or more extensive based on the operator and what they charge.
  • Enquire if the team has first-aid training, and about the medical equipment prepared with them.
  • Go online to check the feedback they have received from clients in the past.
  • Ask your tour operator whether they employ local staff. It’s always good to give back to the local economy.
  • Enquire if the tour operator is part of any association or body of operators that establishes safety and quality standards.

Training & Preparation

Walking into the high-altitude terrain with heavy loads is not soo easy. Getting in shape before trekking is an important tip for Successful Trek to Manaslu Circuit Trek. Being fit before the trek will increase the chance of completing the Manaslu CIrcuit and enjoying the beauty. You do not have to be muscular or super fit. Moreover, Manaslu Circuit Trek takes you to the highest altitude of 5106, which is a commendable height. Therefore, physical fitness is required to do the Manaslu Circuit Trek. Some might say it is easy, but you should not recklessly follow up without acknowledging its experience. 

  • I recommend city residents walk up and downstairs to increase their leg strength and simulate walking uphill.
  • Stamina-building activities like running and cycling can also help.
  • To prepare for the effects of high altitude on your body, start by reading up on its symptoms, prevention, and treatment.
  • Research the area, the route, and local weather conditions.

Whenever you meet someone, make sure you acquire some extra exercise tips for Manaslu Circuit Trek.


Acclimatization is Key

Enough acclimatisation is another best tip for the successful trek in Manalsu Circuit. Acclimatization to the high altitude is the best way to adapt your body. On the Manaslu Circuit Trek, we have two acclimatization days. One is acclimatization day in Samagaon and another is in Samdo.

If you want to have a safe and successful trek, take time to acclimatize. You may not like the trip which is done in a rush and this is the main reason that people are not successful on the trek.



What you carry depends a lot on how long you are travelling, the weather, and your pleasure with being minimalistic for that time. Everything you are taking should fit into a single backpack of about 30-40 litres for 2-5 days, or 50-70 litres for more than 6 days

Often, trekkers make the mistake of bringing things that they are not using. Therefore, avoid bringing more stuff, assuming you may need them. Because most of the time, you do not use them at all. Before packing, make a list and then only prepare your bags. If there is anything useless item on the list, just exclude it from your baggage.


Be positive and pace yourself

when you are going into the mountains on a long-distance trek then you will need to mentally build your mental toughness. Understanding and accepting these differences is the first move to mental preparation. In reality, it is very difficult to actually know what awaits you on your trek. Being in the right frame of mind is equally as vital as your physical fitness. High altitudes are not the place to unleash fraught emotions, so try to keep calm during frustrating moments. Also, leave sufficient space in your program so that you will not feel flustered if your plans go wrong.

Trekking doesn’t require great skill. Basically, if you can walk you will be able to hike. There are some basic tips to trek Manaslu Circuit Trek. Just as a long-distance runner does not sprint until he is tired and then walks along, you need to pace yourself while trekking. Your walking formula should be ‘short steps, deep breaths’, individually when rising steep tracks or completing long uphill. And do not cross rivers or running streams barefoot because sprained ankles equal the end of the trek.

Keep your body hydrated

Another best tip for Manaslu Circuit is to keep your body as hydrated as you can. Water is your best friend at high altitudes especially when you are trekking. Keeping yourself hydrated at altitude is extremely important. The human body loses water quickly at higher heights compared with sea level. When trekking to high elevations like Manaslu Circuit, your body tries to get more oxygen. That is the reason staying hydrated is essential.

Drink at least 3.5-4 liters of water in a day to prevent elevation sickness and lack of hydration. Also, if you are consuming Diamox for altitude sickness, drink about 5 liters of water per day. Remember, hydration is the key to avoiding all unwanted illnesses on the trek. If you follow this habit, you will resist altitude sickness and have yourself feeling good during the trip.

Eat veg and soupy meals

Vegetable and broth-based soups give you lots of nutrients such as vitamins, minerals, and fiber while being low in calories and fat. Trekkers need to know, that high altitudes are not as flexible towards the stomach as much as it is towards the lung. In high altitude regions, foods are not ingested quickly. Hence, it would be wise to eat foods that are easy to digest. During the trek, you find veg meals more healthful because they are prepared fresh and with nutritious elements. Garlic soups, or any other soups in general as they are healthy, keep your body warm and help in avoiding altitude sickness as well.


Having the right personal equipment for a high altitude trek

Having the right gear is essential for your trek into Manaslu Circuit. However, if you sign up for one of our trips, we will give you detailed information about the right gear. The weather varies from altitude to altitude so you should pack wark cloth for the night.

At the initial phase of the trek, you will experience warm conditions with temperatures up to 20 Celsius. So, you can wear thin clothes at a lower altitude. You experience the coldest temperatures in Dharmasala and Larkey La. Overnight lows here will be dropping to around -15 Celsius. The weather varies from season to season and day to day as you ascend to higher elevations. 

Avoid soft and alcoholic drinks

Soda, cokes, alcohol, and wholesome-looking juices, are the unhealthiest drinks that should never cross your lips. Consuming sugar in the liquid is worse than eating sugary foods or desserts and is not a beneficial factor while trekking in general. 

Mainly, drinking alcohol at a higher altitude encourages severe troubles such as hypothermia. Moreover, such drinks also create dehydration because it decreases the water in your body. Hence, avoid drinking soft drinks and alcoholic drinks on the Manaslu Circuit Trek.

Show respect to locals and their culture

Travel is not just about the sites, but the people and their cultures. Show respect and behave appropriately for the local culture by studying proper gestures and traditions. Even if you do not match with a custom or a request, accept your role as a visitor.

Sherpa is one of the most generous and friendly people in the world. As much as they are sweet, their culture and traditions are equally engaging as well. If anything about their culture puzzles you, ask them. They will surely emit light on your concern. Similarly, as you pass through the trial, religious monuments and shrines are seen. Show honour to these wonderful religious artifacts as well. These describe their heartfelt belief and values towards their individual religion.

Use your gears beforehand

Among many tips, another essential tip for the Manalsu Circuit trek is to use your trekking gear previously. Learn how to use your gears, and you'll be rewarded with a smooth, and fun trek. It could be a daypack or the headlight or trekking poles, it is essential to use them first to make sure they are suitable for the multi-week hike.

Last Words

Remember these tips for Manaslu Circuit Trek and while preparing for the trek. These 12 tips for the Manaslu Circuit Trek will prevent you from experiencing events you did not predict. Along with that, it also makes you physically and mentally for a lifetime trip. Lastly, do not trek the Manaslu Circuit trail on an impulse. First, be prepared and then only explore the gorgeous terrains of Manaslu Base Camp and Larkey La.


Frequently Asked Questions

How difficult is it to trek to Manaslu Circuit Trek?

Manaslu Circuit Trek is simply one long trek in Nepal with enough challenges to be surpassed. Many trekkers want to seek the high altitude passes and the lap of gigantic mountains. However, there are no easy roads into Manaslu Circuit Trek and every person seeking to view mountains from close will need to trek there. While calculating the Manaslu Circuit Trek Difficulty, it is regarded as one of the media to somehow hard in some parts of the trial.

Which is the best season to trek to Manaslu Circuit Trek?

Nepal contains a diverse landscape with different geographical conditions. This is the main reason to visit Nepal throughout the year. Nepal boasts all tropical as well as alpine weather conditions. So, if you are thinking of visiting Nepal you can schedule throughout the year. But, generally March to May and September to December is the best season to trek Manalsu Circuit Trek.

How is the food in Manaslu Circuit?

As much as we would love the beautiful mountain scenery while trekking. No scene will give you energy for the next best scene if your tummy is not full and your body is not hydrated. Besides, foods and drinks are basically the most essential aspects of trekking. Foods and drinks on the Manaslu Circuit Trek are similar to what you find on Nepal’s other popular treks however options are more varied compared to treks like Annapurna Circuit or Everest Base Camp.

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