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Manaslu Base Camp and Larkya La Treks is a classic off-the-beaten path with pure wilderness and the mystifying beauty of nature. Located near the border of Nepal and Tibet, you will insight and eyewitness the way of life of both Buddhist and Hindu peoples. You will also get to encounter the beautifully merging of natural beauty and flourishing ancient culture which will be the special features offered by the trek.

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Manaslu Circuit Trek is classified as a moderate to difficult trek. You start your trek from Soti Khola with an altitude of 710 meters and reach the highest point Larke La Pass with an altitude of 5,106 meters. You will have lengthy trials almost every day over the steep ascents and descents. As you will cross the high pass, you will first have to ascend 5,106 meters and then trek down to 3720 meters the same day. This can make the trek quite demanding, especially while you are walking downhill after crossing the pass. As Manaslu Base Camp and Larkya La Trek demand a high level of fitness, we have to do a proper guide for our trekkers.

You need to cover 5 km in 35 mins and record it with splits of the run. Keeping in mind rest days, you will need to send splits for the remaining days you trained. You can use any fitness app to record your run. Ensure that your GPS is switched on.


In order to exercise for the Manaslu Base Camp and Larkya La Trek, you should have a sequence of distance and speed targets. In case you are just beginning with a daily fitness routine, you can take steps toward your targets in the following manner:–

  • Aim of achieving 10 km in 90 minutes before the start of the trek
  • Constantly bring up your speed to do 5 km in 40 minutes
  • Start increasing the distance you jog to 10 km in 90 minutes

Aspects to get fit in Manaslu Circuit Trek

A big concern for many tourists is their physical shape for a high-altitude trek. Steep climbs, rough terrain, walking in the snow, all of these can be discouraging. But they can all be handled with proper training. Below you can find the point to get fit for the Manaslu Base Camp and Larkya La Trek.

  • Build your strength

This is a good area you should focus on if you want to get fit for the Manaslu Base Camp and Larkya La Trek. There is a lot of trekking area you will cover at high altitudes carrying your own backpacks. You will have to walk on uneven landscapes during the trek. So your legs may get tired fast if they are weak. To build your strength you can do some squats and push-ups. It will strengthen your whole body which then makes it easier to walk at a high altitude. Start with 3 sets of squats with 8 squats in each set. After a long day of practice, if you start to feel easier then you can increase to 10 or 12 squats in each set.

  • Be flexible

Another step to get fit for the Manaslu Circuit Trek is to be flexible as you can. To enhance the flexibility, you can do some stretching exercises like hamstrings stretching, quadriceps, hip flexors, lower back muscles, and shoulders regularly. These exercises will help to be in good shape before the Manaslu Circuit Trek.

What if you are not trained for Manaslu Circuit Trek

Many trekkers do not have proper training before going to high altitudes. Some may not have much time to trek and others makes the excuse of doing other treks before. Basic training is important for the trek. When you will join The Himalayan Odyssey trekking group, most members are serious about their training. They spend considerable time preparing for a trek. If you do not train for the trek and lag behind, then it will be hard to manage the group and there will be fun at too.


But I must tell you, difficulties can befall still on the easiest treks. We are going to experience the Himalayas at very high altitudes. The climate is unpredictable, it could rain or snow at any moment. So, no matter what trek you are going on, target to be at the top of your fitness. If you have found this blog valuable, or you know of any further exercises that could further build the strength and endurance in Himalaya, feel free to drop in your thoughts.

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