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Samagaon (at the foot of Manaslu) is the best place to rest during Manaslu Circuit Trek, a popular trekking destination located in Manaslu Region. This village lies 3,530 m above sea level. It is the ultimate charming Tibetan village of the Manaslu region which is one of the best places to acclimatize for trekkers and Climbers. This village offers one of the best views of Mt. Manaslu too. You can explore many places during your stay at Samagaon.

Here are the lists of hiking places near Samagaon.

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Birendra Lake

Altitude: (3,450 m/11,316 ft.)

Birendra Lake is a freshwater lake located at the foot of Mt. Manaslu in Gorkha District. This beautiful lake is located near Samagaon which takes about 45 minutes of hiking. You can also do a side trip on the way to Samdo.

Manaslu Base Camp

Altitude: (4,900 m/16,072 ft.)

Manaslu Base Camp is located at an altitude of 4900 meters from Sama Gaon. From the Samagaon, it takes 5-6 hours of hike to reach the base camp. During the hike, you will cross through rich vegetation and Birendra Lake in the initial part. As you rich higher, the land will be barren and slowly shows the best view of the blue lake and Mt. Manaslu. You will also feel challenged by the steep slope above Samagaon north of the impressive Manaslu glacier. The ending part of the trek is the steepest on a narrow moraine. Besides seeing climbers-pitched tents, colourful prayer flags the surrounding mountain scenery also adds lifetime memory. To return to Samagaon back from base camp will take around 2-3 hours.

Phungen Monastery

Altitude: (4,050 m/11,316 ft.)

Phungen Monastery is another best side trip that starts from Samagaon or Shyala. From Samgaon it will take about 2 to 2:30 hrs to reach this monastery. Phungen Monastery is located at the end of a vast grassy plateau surrounded by rocks and gigantic mountains. This is another best view to see the beautiful face of Mt. Manaslu - effort is worth only on a clear day. Phungen Monastery is not so big, you can see small prayer halls and some dormitories for monks. There is no lodge near the Monastery, so you have to return back the same day.

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