• Modified on Oct 29, 2021

The 17th edition of Top countries to Visit In 2022 According To Lonely Planet lists of the world's stunning destinations have been published and places particular importance on sustainable travel practices — “assuring that travelers will have a positive impression wherever they prefer to go.”

Nepal — one of the world's smallest countries, remote and proudly independent - located between India and China and including 8 world’s eight thousand peaks, appears as the coveted #8 country to seek out in 2022.

The global travel guide publisher ranks The Cook Islands — one of the world's smallest countries, encompassing ‘paradise’ islands, in the first place.

In second comes  Norway, encompassing mountains, glaciers, and deep coastal fjords.

Table of Content

How are the countries selected?

Chosen for the topicality, unique experiences, 'wow' portion, and continuous dedication to sustainable tourism applications. Those are the component for the annual Lonely Planet's Best-in-Travel lists that are based first on input.

Accordion to Tom Hall, Lonely Planet's Vice President of Experience, upon announcement of the lists on Wednesday, "The lists identify the world in all its unimaginable enticing quality". "From the world’s highest peak and forests of Nepal Himalayas to the waterfalls and landscapes of Iceland's Westfjords, via Auckland's natural and urban joys."

According to Hall, “This year’s announcement of the Best In Travel lists could not be more timely”. "After a reinforced break, it is time to take those long-deferred travel programs off the shelf and make them an actuality."

Top 10 Countries

  • Cook Islands
  • Norway
  • Mauritius
  • Belize
  • Slovenia
  • Anguilla
  • Oman
  • Nepal
  • Malawi
  • Egypt
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